You too can own a copy of the first novella in the Deep Austin series (The Case of the Weird Carnivorous Sky). Now available as an ebook!

“You guys are maniacs! That so fun to read. Funny, legit creepy and featuring a fu[REDACTED]ng kaiju Jim Sp[REDACTED]er . . . damn.”


You can get it for the special eclipse-themed price of $4.08 (get it?). How low is that price? It’s less than half the price of the cover charge to see your friend’s band play at a local Austin music venue, and it’s at least four-times as entertaining. That’s a 800% discount! So buy your copy this very second! Now!!!!

If only there were some way to get more information about this project. Then why don’t you . . .

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So What’s This Book About? Let Me Tell You . . .

Sarah, a single mom and avid grifter, can’t afford to take time off to save the world when the 2024 total solar eclipse goes horribly wrong and plunges Austin into eternal dimness. But as the city continues to get weirder and more dangerous under the blackened sun, she’s forced into action, recruiting pragmatic pedicabber Nook to track down the mysterious forces that have pushed Austin’s weirdness past the point of no return. Carnivorous clouds infest the sky as creatures from deep below emerge to cause mischief, and worse, Austinites are a little too quick to shrug it off as the new normal.

Sarah with her experience swindling reading people, and Nook with her deep knowledge of the city streets, set their sights on bringing the old Austin back. They’re eager to get to the root of this evil until they realize the lengths and heights they’ll have to navigate to finally bring the sun back.

Sounds fun doesn’t it?